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Delivery Solutions

Grow deposits by making your credit union accessible through high-touch and high-tech channels. OCUL Services Corporation partners with organizations to provide the following solutions ... 

Shared Branching

Is your credit union at a competitive disadvantage in providing walk-in service for members? Suited to credit unions of all sizes, Shared Branching enables your members to conduct live financial transactions at hundreds of participating credit unions in Ohio and thousands nationwide. Your credit union can be wherever your members live, work, travel, vacation, or attend school.

Currenty, 109 credit unions have taken that leap of collaboration ad participate in the Ohio Shared Branching Network, a part of the greater national program. The number of locations your members could access through Shared Branching grows by 1.5 branches every business day without any additional capital expense to you. See how it works by visiting www.SharedBranching.org. Let's make your credit union the next!

Fast Branch
Enhance your members' satisfaction and extend your reach by turning self-service kiosks into robust self-service experiences for members with CO-OP Fast Branch. The conveneint do-it-yourself kiosks blend modern check-imaging technology with an easy-to-use touch screen to deliver members an array of broad services. Members can make check and cash deposits without envelopes or deposit slips, make cash or check withdrawals, make loan payments by cash and check, get loan advances in cash or check, and more. At the airport, the grocery store, hotel, or your branch lobbies, Fast Branch provides your members everything they expect at the teller window, except the lines.

Mobile Banking
Strengthen your current member relationships and attract the accounts of tech-savvy prospects by answering their demand for mobile banking; no matter what type of mobile device they own. CO-OP's low-cost, turn-key mobile platform provides maximum flexibility by letting you choose any or all three primary delivery modes: Text (SMS), web, and downloadable apps for smartphones, including iPhone and Android devices. This means you can compete with big banks and enable members to check balances, make transfers, and locate surcharge-free CO-OP Network ATMs and Shared Branching locations -- all through their mobile devices.

24/7 Account Access
Generating revenue and strengthening member relationships doesn't have to be limited to normal business hours. Outsourced CO-OP Call Center Services provide telephone support around the clock. This makes it easy to offer your lending operations and other services 24/7, while maintaining your high standards of service during peak hours. By avoiding unnecessary overhead, you'll also achieve operational efficiencies that boost profitability.

ATM Network
With nearly 30,000 surcharge-free ATMs CO-OP ATM Network makes it easy to offer greater accessibility and convenience to help build stronger relationships with your members. Reach out to your members to let them know about the access and convenience your credit union offers, with easily recognized ATMs nationwide and the latest tools for locating them. CO-OP provides a single source for everything you need to build awareness with your members: CO-OP Ad Lab. CO-OP Ad Lab includes a high-visibility ATM signage program, marketing materials, and a full suite of locator tools to make it simple to find the nearest ATM using a mobile or landline phone, online connection or GPS device.

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