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Volunteer Development

Welcome to the starting line for all things volunteer development. There are an array of options for enriching your knowledge and expertise as a credit union volunteer.
Networking & Sharing

Online Private Community - Huddle
​Ohio’s credit union volunteers are able to converse and connect with their peers without leaving the office and without geographic boundaries limiting reach thanks to Huddle, the private online community for Ohio’s credit unions. It is your environment for holding discussions, solving problems, sharing documents and advice, and building relationships.


Volunteer On-Boarding/Orientation Plan
This is a template for creating an on-boarding packet for new CU board members, meant to be in a three-ring binder with dividers. Developed by the Volunteer Leadership Committee.

Volunteer Duties Explained
InfoSight, the online compliance and operations library, has a section devoted to volunteer responsibilities. In plain English, the duties, responsibilities, and powers of volunteers are explained.

BSA Training - Free Webinar
A board is required to receive updated training every year on the Bank Secrecy Act (BSA). This webinar (complimentary for League-member credit unions) fulfills those requirements. Need certificates to document the training? Send us a list certifying attendance to pcampbell@ohiocul.org.

Credit Union Directors' Newsletter
Produced specifically for volunteers, the Credit Union Directors' Newsletter helps volunteers leaders like you keep pace with the speed and complexity of change in the Credit Union Movement. Published monthly, the newsletter is available in print of .PDF form.

CUNA Environmental Scan (E-Scan)
Understand what changes lie ahea and effectively prepare for them with the annual CUNA Environmental Scan (E-Scan) report. With extensive insight into the credit union industry and trend forecast, E-Scan is the most-trusted source for annual strategic planning sessions. 

Education Options

CUNA Volunteer Training Handbooks
Ideal training resources for new volunteers or as a refresher for long-term members. Options include handbooks for board of directors and supervisory committee members, a handbook on credit union regulations, the history of the credit union movement, and more.

Courses & eBooks
Delivered online, in print, or via eBook, more than 65 different courses, many from the Volunteer Achievement Program (VAP), help credit union volunteers learn to work effectively, make informed decisions and improve credit union performance. All online courses are included in CPDOnline, an online training program with more than 300 credit union-specific courses and exams.

CUNA Board Financial Literacy Certificate
This certification guarantees compliance with the NCUA requirement that credit union volunteers have a proven level of financial literacy. The CUNA Board Financial Literacy Certificate can be earned by attending a national school, participating in an eSchool, or by completing six print courses.

In-person training events
Local and national events present exceptional curriculum and high-caliber, nationally-known speakers, plus networking with your peers.

Webinars & eSchools
Multiple people can attend sessions right from your credit union, all for one price. More than 150 webinars and 20 eSchools are available. Tune in as the sessions are conducted, or access webinar archives as they fit your schedule. Solve your ever-changing training needs with an all access pass to CUNA webinars, eSchools and audio conferences with the CUNA Training Bundle.