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Profound Thoughts
Notable Quotes

“It is a great movement, worthy of great deeds, deserving of great loyalty.”

“Progress is not the mere correction of evils. Progress is the constant replacing of the best there is with something still better.” 

                -- Edward Filene

“A credit union is not an ordinary financial concern, seeking to enrich its members at the expense of the general public. Neither is it a loan company, seeking to make a profit at the expense of the unfortunates…The credit union is nothing of the kind; it is the expression in the field of economics of a high social ideal.” 

             -- Alphonse Desjardins

“Credit unions have long impressed me as a major tool to help people solve their own financial problems.”

“No institution – except the church – does more good for people than credit unions.” 
                  -- Wright Pattman

“Because there were no automated bookkeeping machines, credit unions originally organized with 300 to 500 people maximum so they could provide good service and keep the books up-to-date. We organized multiple credit unions in large organizations – sometimes several per floor.”

“We must remember what we started out to do and then find ways to do it with the modern techniques available.” 

                   -- Louise McCarren Herring

“The most important service of the credit union is the education of its members in the management and control of their own money.”

“The real job of a credit union is to prove, in modest measure, the practicality of the brotherhood of man.” 

                   -- Roy F. Bergengren

“The credit union idea is as American as the Constitution upon which the government of the nation is based.” 

                    -- Bertram B. Fowler

“A credit union is a cooperative society organized under law within a specific group of people, with two primary objectives: (1) to supply the members to the group with a plan of systematic savings, and (2) to make it possible thereby for them to take care of their own credit problems at a reasonable rate of interest.” 

                     -- James W. Brown

“In the credit unions, individuals combine together to form an organization which they themselves control and operate.” 

                     -- Karl S. Little

“Let’s keep in mind that the credit union member furnishes all the billions of dollars we brag about – it is his money.” 

                      -- Joseph S. DeRamus

“Human service really is the only reason for the existence of our credit unions.” 

                     -- Charles F. Eikel, Jr.