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More About Alliances


 Existing CU Outreach Alliances

Overview of Alliances
CU Outreach Alliances exist to foster local, regional, and statewide collaboration among credit unions for the purpose of community outreach. All credit unions are encouraged to participate in a CU Outreach Alliance. The authority for decision-making in regard to direction, plans, and initiatives is placed with a CU Outreach Alliance Steering Committee constituted of credit union leaders drawn from participating League-member credit unions.
The CU Outreach Alliance’s principal responsibilities are:
1.     Lead and coordinate at least one major community outreach initiative per year.
2.     Conduct appropriate fundraising activities, as needed, to provide financial resources for community outreach initiative(s).
3.     Organize the human resources (volunteers, work groups, etc.) needed to foster success in community outreach initiatives.
Serve as a catalyst for credit union collaboration through the implementation of community outreach initiatives that generate a positive impact for the community and the Ohio Credit Union
Types of Outreach Initiatives
Financial Education
The CU Outreach Alliances are charged with the implementation of programs within their communities that provide financial services and financial education to local schools, diverse populations, and members. The ability to understand and evaluate one’s finances and financial opportunities leads to financial stability, which enhances quality of life and strengthens communities. 
Student Scholarships
Helping today’s credit union members become tomorrow’s leaders ensures a stronger future for local communities and the Credit Union Movement. By providing scholarship opportunities, CU Outreach Alliances are offering students an opportunity to better manage their educational expenses and strengthen their overall financial well-being. The initiative also assists those that may not be able to pursue their dreams otherwise.
Community Outreach Activities
Community outreach programs and partnerships contribute to the achievement of a greater good and demonstrate responsible corporate citizenship. CU Outreach Alliances exist to contribute to the improvement and development of communities throughout Ohio. Through hands-on volunteer efforts and monetary support, each CU Outreach Alliance gives back to the communities they do business in while focusing on their member’s needs.

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