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Consumer Advocacy

To sustain and build consumers’ awareness and desire for credit unions, the League is constantly representing credit unions to the public and helping you elevate your profile within your community.

Statewide Social Media Campaign
Credit unions care about their communities and can be trusted like your best friend: that’s the overall theme of the awareness campaign by the Ohio Credit Union League. Designed to attract the attention of Gen Y and drive them in credit union doors, the “Your BFF” (best financial friend) campaign showcases how credit unions truly live their concern for people by being active in the enrichment of their communities.
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National Consumer Website

aSmarterChoice.org is the national online source for credit union information. It features a locator search tool, member testimonials, and recent media from across the nation featuring credit unions. The site enables consumers to learn more about credit unions and find one to join.

Make sure your credit union’s information on aSmarterChoice.org, a free service from the League, is up to date so consumers connect with you.
Access and update your profile.

aSmarterChoice also uses social media to push information out to consumers. You can follow it on Facebook and Twitter.

National Financial Education Website

MoneyAndStuff.info provides parents and teachers with free financial lessons, educational materials and games, and tips to make the “money talk” the easiest talk to have with kids.

The website full of free financial education materials continues to see booming traffic from consumers looking for resources, such as teaching curriculum, budget worksheets, color pages, savings and budgeting lessons, arcade games, and budgeting basics.

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